Full Circle

Don’t you love those full circle moments? You can look back, to where something special began, and see the magic so clearly.
One of the coolest things happening to me right now is a full circle story that began decades ago with one of my dearest friends.

We actually lived together, in our twenties. Working in the restaurant industry in Calgary. She’d always had a passion for taking photos, and I…well, I had a passion to spend all my tips at Club Monaco.

I loved everything about make-up and fashion. We would devour every sweet page of the latest fashion magazines (when her cat, Buddy, didn’t take them hostage and lounge across the sleek covers as if they were his personal property). Those magazines were like candy back then and we could spend hours lost in their exotic perfection.

Here’s the comedy, and the best part of all. We used to play photo-shoot in those tiny old apartments. I would get dressed up in my latest Bebe shopping splurge, trying to match my make-up to the latest Gucci ad. She would pull out her camera that only had black and white film, and start bossing me around. Telling me where to stand and how to sit. We did a few of those “shoots” over the years. At times we thought we were getting so artistic, but to look back, its about the funniest epic fail. Great staging, with the kitchen towels in the background. It makes me cry laughing!

velvetmoss first photoshoot

But here we are now, in our 40’s. The magic we couldn’t see then is happening now. I own my own boutique, and she has her own photography business shooting breathtaking boudoir photos. We did our first real photo-shoot together two years ago, in a hotel room in Calgary.

The goosebumps I got, styling and clothing an actual model in Velvet Moss, and watching her stage the model with exact same vision. Full circle moment.

I get chills thinking about those 22 year old girls, dreaming about real photo-shoots and trying to live them.

And here we are now, 20 years later. Living them For Real.

velvet moss friends

Written by Jennifer Organ Mouly.
With much needed editing help by Shelby Cain.

Photographer extraordinaire is Kristin Butler, with Kristen Butler Photography.