We Support The SPCA

Those who know me well, know I have three big vices.

I love wine. Well, Pinot Noir. Okay, mainly Oregon Pinot.
I love cats. I have 5. Total foster failure. I also have a dog named Sally from the police academy (she had zero aggression and didn’t make the cut). Basically, I love animals.

And fashion. I love clothes. I love make up – although I’m usually too lazy to apply it. I love styling. Photo shoots are my most favorite thing. Wait, where was I? Talking about fashion is my something shiny distraction. Back to animals .

Velvet Moss is a huge supporter of our local SPCA. When we can we do in-store fundraisers when they have need for veterinary support, and drop off food/supplies from their animals wish lists. I used to be a foster home ... but this is how I ended up with five cats. Farley, Willie Nelson, Stevie Ray, Nashville, and Batman. I had characatuer drawings made up of each cat - completely normal right? - and printed on t-shirts. They are for sale in the store, proceeds go back to our SPCA.


This June 23rd I will once again be locked up in a kennel until I raise the funds needed to be released. Although being caged up with kitty cats doesn’t sound so bad to me. If someone brings me wine and an old school fashion mag...I’ll be as happy as a – well - a girl surrounded by kittens!

-wana help too? Call your local SPCA and ask them what the shelter is in need of. Sometimes just simply an old used blanket, can make the comfort of an animal much more tolerable. Xo

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