Lets Talk Denim

Ok. First off. There aint nothing wrong with a good ol' pair of boyfriends from Old Navy. I have never personally had any luck there, or Gap, or American Eagle… but I know a few that have. Those are great scores and don’t go without merit.

talk denim

I was introduced to premium denim quite early, so my taste buds were ruined. I think my first real pair of premium were Earl Jean. And they had just launched their skinny jean. Now one can argue who brought the skinny jean to the forefront, but my first introduction to them was working at Oh La La in Calgary. It was around 2001. The struggle was real trying to get those things on, and I have no idea to this day how I walked in them or heaven forbid sat down. There was zero stretch, but you bet your ass I wore 'em.

I get asked a lot at the store - as we carry lower priced choices as well as some premium denim - Why would someone pay $300 for a pair of pants? My simplest answer is FIT. And Longevity. I have passed a test on to a few people, try a premium. Get a basic, classic wash and fit. Leave the fashion denim for the lower priced brands, as who knows how long that trend will last. I promise you after wearing your preemies, the lower quality denims just don’t sing the same song.

Let me please also note, before I share more concrete evidence to support my case. Y'all wash your denim too much. Unless you’ve spilled your mocha latte on yourself, quality denim doesn’t need to be washed too often. They don’t stretch and lose their shape like your Old Navy boyfriends. If you have steam cycle on your dryer, that's your new bff. Turn your denim inside out and refresh them. No steam cycle – then wash your denim inside out, and on delicate/cold water. Lay flat to dry, and you can always fluff them up with a minute or two in your dryer to get a softer feel.

Ok, the evidence. Here's an article published by Refinery29 in 2015. I am visual, so I like the breakdown. In my honest opinion, the proof is in the pudding. And the fact that you can't stop staring at your ass in the mirror. That booty never looked so good.

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